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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Victim or Victor?
In the last year, I have experienced more spiritual attacks than I think I ever have in my life. The first several times these attacks came upon me, my reaction was the spiritual equivalent of curling into a fetal position, crying my eyes out and chanting "why me?!" But little by little as I have endured these times of testing and attack, my faith in my Lord has grown stronger.
Also during that time, God has been teaching me more of His ways, revealing to me some of His plans for my life, and calling me according to His purposes. It has been an amazing time, and one full of anticipation for the things He has been revealing.
But anytime the Lord says, "Child, it's time to move to the next level..." we should be on our guard that the enemy has taken notice and will be putting on his battle gear. He'll be coming after us, doing all he can to steal our joy and promises, kill our faith, and destroy our hope in God, and sometimes even our physical bodies.
The truth is that the enemy doesn't waste his time attacking weak believers. If you find yourself under spiritual attack, it means that you are becoming a threat to the enemy...he doesn't like the new, stronger you. Today as I considered the current attack, I came to a place within my own heart where I could THANK the Lord for the situation I am in because I knew it meant I was on the verge of something really big. The bigger the step you are prepared to take, the bigger the attack the enemy throws your way to keep you from God's blessing.
It's time to stop playing the victim. We are not the victims any longer. If we truly are followers of Christ, we are the victors, for we are joint heirs with Christ. Whatever is His has become ours also. Thus, His victory over the evil one is ours through Christ Jesus.
There's something really freeing about laughing in the devil's face and saying, "You know what, will NOT win this battle. You are under my feet. I am a child of the Living God, and you are already defeated. Begone in Jesus' name!"


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